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Notes from April 18 volunteer meeting

We had a very productive meeting. The goal of this meeting was to have a Q&A about ongoing projects for anyone interested in getting involved. In addition to this, everyone shared some great ideas (fundraising, the need for more detailed information on CLTs on the resources page, etc).

If you missed the meeting, send me an email (right side of the page) and I’ll get you connected with everyone.

Right now, there are two major projects.

Community Education

  • There are two community education goals:
    • To change the conversation in Milwaukee about housing. We want people think differently about housing and work together figuring out how to create more affordable housing.
    • To create leaders who are able to lead productive discussions on housing policy. This is how we will change ordinary people’s perception of what is possible, and get them to think bigger about the challenges that need to be addressed.
      • Upcoming discussion (likely June) with a community organization if anyone has a housing policy topic they would like to learn more about and present.
  • Not everyone will be able to attend discussions/other educational opportunities. So we will create/post 6-10 minute educational videos on housing. The format will be voice over slideshow.
    • Some of this has already been started but help is needed in all aspects of this: writing/proofreading scripts, reading scripts as narrator, basic audio/video editing.
    • Topics include housing policy around the world (eg, public housing, tenant protections), comparing the Western vs the Hong Kong model of public housing, public housing in the United States, housing vouchers. I will “share” all the work that has been done so far through Google Drive with everyone who attended meeting or expressed interest but could not attend. From this, we will decide what needs to be done and when we need to meet again/what can be done prior to meeting again in person.

Grant writing

  • Public grants: Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago is hosting a workshop on applying for their grants in Milwaukee on April 27.
  • Private foundation grants: CLT Network has a list of private foundations that have donated to CLTs in the past. In preparing the tax exempt application, I created a list of local foundations that might also be interested. I will “share” all this via Google Drive with everyone who attended or expressed interest in helping out but could not attend. Suggestions for other private foundations who might be interested are always welcome.
  • Traditional CLT: The CLT model has been around for decades and there are hundreds of CLTs around the world. It is a proven model, so we will prepare grants for a traditional CLT program.
  • “Innovative” ideas: Often, private foundations like to fund “innovative” ideas that no one has tried before to solve big problems. Two ideas:
    • A “Housing First” strategy for families with chronic housing insecurity.
    • An affordable rental program for those with difficulty securing housing (because of evictions, a criminal record). This proposal will focus on property values, and make the argument that a not for profit affordable housing program could be financially self-sustaining. Also, could there be a way for the residents to recover some equity they pay in their rent?

Send an email (check top right side of page) if you want to get involved but missed the meeting.