Announcing: What Could be Better than a Home? Podcast

The two missions of Milwaukee Community Land Trust are to help create a city with affordable housing for all, and to educate more people about housing issues.

Working towards that second goal, this week, Milwaukee CLT launches a brand new housing podcast, What Could be Better than a Home?

What could be better than a home? A home is a basic human need, and nobody can thrive without a home. How can we build a world where everyone has a great place to live at a price they can afford?

This podcast is about the innovative ideas that have been used to expand access to affordable housing, from public housing in Vienna and Singapore, to homeownership in Norway, tenants’ right of first refusal laws in Washington, D.C., length of tenure regulations in Switzerland, and social housing in the Netherlands. Can we expand access to affordable housing by changing the way we think about housing?

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