Vol 1 / Ch 2: What is a Community Land Trust?

Kahya Fox (Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area) calls in to share her extensive knowledge of housing issues throughout Wisconsin.

Learn more and make a donation: https://www.habitatlacrosse.org/donate.html

And here’s the web home of Couleecap: https://www.couleecap.org/


But before we meet Kahya, the nuts and bolts of affordable housing CLTs. And we end the episode comparing CLTs to Norway’s postwar housing policy.


Here’s the link about how rising home prices are generally bad for most people: http://milwaukeeclt.org/2017/12/19/your-home-is-not-an-investment/


Cover image: Leaded glass window rescued from the historic Stoddard Hotel in La Crosse, prior to the building’s demolition in 1982. On display at Satori Arts Gallery / Flickr / PunkToad



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