Milwaukee CLT Q4: Our first grant; nominations for 2020 open

Here is the text of the Q4 newsletter, in case you missed it.


Milwaukee Community Land Trust Q4 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

You did not miss the Q2 or Q3 newsletter. There wasn’t a whole lot going on so I skipped it. Big news for Q4 will more than make up for it.


Associated Bank Grant

We won our first ever grant, from Associated Bank. Our Treasurer Shannon put the application together, so give her a hearty ‘thank you!’ when you see her at the elections.


Save the date for 2020 elections

Elections will be held on Tuesday, February 25 at 6pm in the Central Library Community Room. Milwaukee CLT can help build a future where nobody goes without affordable housing, but only if you take the time to conscientiously consider the nominees, ask questions, and vote to make sure the right people are elected to leadership.

You must pay dues by December 31 in order to vote. More on that below.

The 2020 Q1 newsletter will have the candidates’ statements. There will be 3 seats open.

We are also in need of scrutineers (I did not make this word up). Scrutineers count the ballots. They must be people who are not eligible to vote (ie, they must live outside the city of Milwaukee) and cannot be related to or close friends with any of the candidates. I had a devil of a time finding scrutineers last year, so if you want to nominate a scrutineer, please let me know.


Nominations Open

This is the first formal call for nominations for the 2020 elections! Send your nominations to: This page has information on making nominations.

We currently have 2 nominations for 3 open seats.

Nominations close on January 13, but don’t delay making nominations. Members can contact nominees with questions, so the earlier nominations have more time to connect with voters. Nominations can only be made by members who paid their dues in 2019.

It is OK to nominate yourself. It may feel awkward but organizations like this would not have enough nominations if people didn’t nominate themselves. If you must, email me at and I will nominate you. There will be 6 people whose terms do not end this year, and all 6 will be happy to help acquaint you to your new role on the Milwaukee CLT Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors makes all the big picture decisions of Milwaukee CLT. As a board member, you will meet once every month for 90 minutes, and you should expect to spend about an hour preparing for each meeting. A passion for affordable housing is the only mandatory qualification.

It’s hard to put yourself in a very public position where you might lose. But the right to vote for leadership means nothing if elections are not competitive. Even if you are nominated and lose, you still made a valuable contribution by ensuring competitive elections and a healthy, democratic organization.


Membership dues

In order to vote in the 2020 elections, you must have paid your $1 membership dues for 2019 in 2019. If you paid your 2019 dues, you should have received a separate email from me confirming you are current on your dues.

There is still time if you did not pay your 2019 dues. You can pay your dues via paypal on this page.

While you’re voting on February 25, be sure to pay your 2020 dues. That will ensure you can vote again in 2021.


Quickbooks in-kind donation

2019 also saw a very generous in-kind donation of 10 years of Quickbooks. Our treasurer, Shannon, also secured this donation.

We are switching our membership database over to Quickbooks. Starting in 2020, you will receive an emailed receipt via Quickbooks when you pay your dues.