Got a good face for radio?

Your help is needed for the next podcast episode!

Take a few minutes to answer these two questions:

Q1: Imagine you are a dictator. There are no practical limits to your power; you can institute any housing policy you want, and nobody can complain. What would you do to house everyone?

Q2: Back in the real world, you’re not a dictator. How likely do you think it would be to pass these housing policies in the real world?


Got your answer? We want to hear! Some interesting responses will be played in the next episode. Here’s what to do:

  • Record a voice memo, email to
  • Leave a voice message at 414-639-2799 (if I pick up by mistake, just tell me…I’ll hang up and you can call back)
  • Prefer to write? Email your response to
  • Leave your name: e.g., “Chris” or “Chris from Riverwest.” If you don’t leave a name, you’ll just be “a listener”.