Our Purpose

The MCLT is just starting and our goals are aggressive. We plan to have our first five homes by the end of 2022, add 12 more homes in 2023 and 24 in 2024. Why? Because the housing the crisis in the City of Milwaukee is deep and severe. According to the Wisconsin Policy Forum’s July 2022 report: 

Milwaukee stands out among its peer cities for its stark racial inequity in homeownership…According to 2020 five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau: Milwaukee’s white homeownership rate was 55.8%, …Hispanic homeownership rate was 38.5% and its Black homeownership rate was 25.2%, the lowest among peer cities.

Wisconsin Policy Forum’s July 2022 report

The MCLT is a powerful, permanent solution for low-income people who have historically been excluded from homeownership.  We are a powerful, permanent solution to the problems of neighborhood instability, gentrification and displacement.

We’re building stronger people, stronger families, stronger neighborhoods and a stronger Milwaukee.  Our impact will ripple through Milwaukee for generations.