This page contains information about nominations and elections for the Board of Directors.

2022  Elections  for the MCLT Board of Directors will occur on March 15, 2022 6 pm via ZOOM meeting


Nominations close approximately 40-70 days prior to elections, at the discretion of the secretary. In general, you should submit nominations by December, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if nominations are still open in January. You must be current on your dues to make a nomination. You are encouraged to nominate yourself if you want to run.

Send your nominations to [email protected]. Please include:

  • The person’s name
  • If this person lives in a CLT home
  • If you are nominating yourself:
    • A candidate statement: this will be posted to the website and should explain to everyone why they should vote for you. It should take about 2 minutes to read. At the elections, you will be given 2 minutes to speak and most people read their candidate statement.
  • If you are nominating someone else:
    • 1-2 sentences on why you think they would make a good board member (they work in housing, such as an electrician or real estate agent, they live in a neighborhood that faces housing challenges, they know what it’s like to have unstable housing, they are really interested in housing or CLTs, they are very organized, etc)
    • How to reach this person so we can get a candidate statement from them

Don’t be shy about nominating yourself or anyone else who is interested!

Date of 2022 elections: March 15, 2022

Nominations have closed for the 2022 Board of Directors elections.